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artwork for album cover “Ode on a Gertrude Stein”

February 1, 2009


Care of the Cow c. 1978
artwork for “Ode on a Gertrude Stein” never-released album on Dharma Records. Portrait of band with projected images concept: Sher Doruff, photos: Daniel Lerner
left to right: projection: Victor Sanders, Victor Sanders; projection: Sher Doruff, Sher Doruff; Christine Baczewska, projection: Christine Baczewska

poloroid c1979

February 1, 2009


current cow 2005

May 29, 2008

with Friends

May 28, 2008

Chicago 80

Cows 78, D. Lerner photographer

May 28, 2008

Victor 78xtine 78

Dogs’ Ears Cover

May 27, 2008

another living room shot

May 20, 2008

1975 Promo Photo

May 20, 2008

dog’s ears are stupid pix

December 21, 2007



December 21, 2007



December 21, 2007


Dog’s Ears shoot

December 21, 2007


Photo archive.

December 1, 2007


From 1974-1983 Care of the Cow, an alternative, idiosyncratic band made their home in Chicago.

1974 Advert Photo

Chrstine Baczewska, Kevin Clark (74-77), Sher Doruff and Victor Sanders.

Niagra Falls, 1977 (?)

Niagra Falls in the winter of 1977 or 78 on route to Toronto for a concert.