Photos: Cow 1974-77

Sofa 75


One Response to “Photos: Cow 1974-77”

  1. louistgonzalez78 Says:

    My name is Louis Todd Gonzalez, I can not believe that I am seeing this! I was about 13 years old and used to sit in the first row of their concerts. My dad always made bread in fact raisin bread. I LOVE them, and wish to hear from them, I would like to think that they remember the nights in Old Town in Chicago, and really hope that they remember the smaller clubs that they played in.
    I used to sit in front like I said and when they broke after a set vic used to sit on the side unplugged and play on his guitar, it was black with white trim, and I would just sit and listen till the end. And I had a crush on Cher, she was like good old all those pin-up calender girls.
    God I miss those times and the band, I would very much like to know if they are still around and playing!

    Thanks for bringing me down to memory lane

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